What Does Certified – Sanitized™ mean?

Once a facility is Treated and Tested, Marked Safe® certifies the facility as Certified Sanitized™. A facility is considered Certified Sanitized™ when all test results are under the recommended Marked Safe® Threshold for the facilities’ industry. The goal of Marked Safe® and the Certified Sanitized™ certification process is to help facilities maintain the highest health standards of safety for their employees and customers in this new era of infectious diseases. This also helps locations to market the fact that they are proactive and go above and beyond to keep their customers and employees safe!

Why use MarkedSafe™ Certified – Sanitized™?

Marked Safe™ follows the guidelines set forth by the CDC to monitor and track the health of facilities.  As part of a Level II environmental monitoring program, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends monitoring cleaning thoroughness with an objective measurement tool, such as an Cleaning Verification System used by Marked Safe™.  

How do you know your facility is sanitized? If your answer is “because they said so”, that’s just not going to work anymore.  Now more than ever, the health of your facility is of the upmost importance.  MarkedSafe™ gives you a better answer.  With quantifiable testing reports, and data driven results to support the health and confidence of your customers, Certified – Sanitized™ is the new standard.

What is Certified – Sanitized™ by MarkedSafe™?

We Take the Health of your Facility to the Next Level with Baseline Monitoring

Baseline monitoring is the initial testing regiment that should be conducted to accurately assess the current level of cleanliness and compliance to current cleaning processes. Results from initial testing will become the baseline to gauge improvement or deterioration of cleaning. To accomplish this monitoring, MarkedSafe™ has partnered with some of the leading U.S. companies in testing and sampling. Putting together an industry first model, the MarkedSafe™ Testing system allows us to accurately secure the correct number of sample tests in any given facility, and accurately model the level of cleanliness with a 99% Confidence Level (CL*).

How long Does MarkedSafe™ work?

The MarkedSafe™ system is designed to bond and maintain its disinfectant capabilities in certain areas for up to 6 months. However, every location is different with unique challenges and variables, so there is no one-size-fits-all approach to the longevity of a treatment. For example, two restaurants using the MarkedSafe™ system are treated, tested, and certified on the same day. Over the following three weeks, restaurant #1 receives 400 customers, all who are actively infected with “strep throat”, and all are “dine in” customers. They are coughing and sneezing, with an average length of stay at 30 minutes in the restaurant. Meanwhile, during that same period of time, restaurant #2 receives 400 customers. All are actively healthy with no symptoms of any illnesses, and all are “carry out” customers, with an average length of stay at 7 minutes. Which restaurant has a bigger battle? Obviously, restaurant #1 is a greater hot spot, but the battle is invisible. The bigger question is, without testing and certification, how would you know?